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Adrien Lamarque

About me

I’m Adrien, software engineer from France. I’ve been passionate about programming ever since my teenage years, with a broad range of interests — graphics, compilers & languages, low-level & hardware, functional programming, etc.

You can view some of my public projects on GitHub.

In the summer of 2016, I had the chance to spend three months in New York City at the Recurse Center, an educational, self-directed retreat for programmers. It was one of the best time in my life, and I got to meet and share the space with an amazing and diverse group of people. I’d recommend the experience to anyone who is passionate about programming.

An artistic picture of me on the Brooklyn Bridge, shot in the summer of 2016Artistic portrait of me, on the Brooklyn Bridge. Shot in the summer of 2016, by Lauren Gardner.

Outside of programming, I’m also an avid music listener and concertgoer (with a preference in particular for avant-garde metal & synthwave), occasional surfer, amateur guitar player and video games enthusiast.

Feel free to reach me at for anything related to the blog (including comments and suggestions), or at for anything else. I’m also on Twitter under the handle @TheEpsylon.


This blog was built using Hugo for content management. The design was crafted by myself, in HTML5 and CSS3. I’m using the amazing Libre Baskerville font paired with PT Sans Narrow for the titles. Both are served from Google Fonts. Hosting is provided by GitLab, which also provides (for free!) the private repo that hosts all the draft and configuration for this blog.